Pine Needles Luxury Soy Wax Candle with Woodwix


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Pine Needles Luxury Soy Wax Candle with Woodwix

  • INTRODUCING THE CRACKLER WITH WOODWIX. Our tubed WOODWIX gives off a beautiful flame and a gentle fireside crackling sound.
  • HIGHLY FRAGRANCED SOY WAX CANDLE. This candle will fill your room with a wonderful fresh aroma of pine needles with a sweet undertone of musky orange.
  • WHAT IS PINE NEEDLES? This fragrance evokes the feeling of long forest walks with pine needles crackling under your feet. It has a fresh and herbaceous scent of pine trees and balsam from fir trees with a subtle orange muskiness The green and fresh scent of Pine is well known in aromatherapy to clear the mind whilst the scent of fir balsam is both calming and uplifting. The sweet orange is cold pressed from the peel and the main ingredients are used to combat depression which is especially welcome during the long cold winter months.
  • WHY CHOOSE WIX & STIX AND WHERE IS IT MADE? Our hand-poured candles are made using 100% natural and sustainable Soy Wax, we use high quality essential oils, phthalate and paraben free fragrances which are suitable for vegans. Our WoodWix are souced from renewable sappy fruit trees. All Wix and Stix products are lovingly handmade here in the UK.
  • WHAT DO I GET? 230g of highly fragranced natural Soy Wax in a glass jar wicked with the innovative tubed WoodWix which gives you the gentle fireside crackling sound, which has a burning time of approximately 45 hours. It comes with a luxury stainless steel lid which can also be used as your candle base. All in a quality black tubed presentation box with full instructions included.

Delivery takes approximately 3 – 5 days.

230 grams of soy wax.

approx 45 hours burn time.

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